FAQ’s about the Bridal Bouquet Builder App

  • Some varieties of flowers aren’t showing up in my bouquet, now what?

    A bouquet can only hold so many flowers. You may want to lower the quantity of some of your other flowers in the bouquet. Alternatively, you can turn on Prominence. Varieties with a high Prominence will be more likely to appear in the center of the bouquet, while those with low Prominence are more likely fall to the outer edge of the bouquet or not be included.

  • Processing time?

    Depends on the number of objects being pulled in and type of phone (older = slower; newer = faster).

  • How can I rearrange the flowers in my bouquet?

    When you “refresh” the flowers will automatically be arranged in a different pattern in your bouquet.

  • How do I start over?

    One way is to click the garbage can next to the flower. You will be asked if you would like to delete that flower. You will click “yes”. Continue doing this with each flower. Then click “refresh”.