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You Will Still Get Married to Your Sweetheart

So, COVID-19 pushed back your wedding indefinitely.

That doesn't feel good. It might even be devastating! You waited a long time for this day, you got excited and jazzed up, and now it feels like a global pandemic has taken that away from you. Although the future is uncertain, we now know that restrictions on social gatherings will at least run through the month of May in the United States.

Here's the bottom line though, in Sandy's words: "You will still get married to your sweetheart."

Don't despair!

Even though we don't know exactly when big gatherings will be allowed again, vendors are being as flexible as they can be in order to make sure your dream day can happen when all of this is settled down. Vendors, as a whole, are staying positive even though their revenue streams have been cut off or pushed back for the foreseeable future. They're being positive and flexible FOR YOU!

There are plenty of bright sides to this situation that you can connect with. If you get married in a small ceremony now and have a reception later, then you get to wear your dress again! You have extra time to plan if you still want to have your big wedding at a later date. And besides, you're given a lot of extra time with your sweetheart now that we're all cooped up in our houses together - so enjoy it, if you can!

Expectations During this Time

Some of you may have been shocked by a vendor or two that wouldn't refund your deposit. Unfortunately, that's the cost of doing business for a lot of smaller wedding vendors, BUT those same vendors are being flexible about what dates they'll provide their services on. SO, if you paid for a certain date, they're often willing to change that date to accommodate your new wedding plans.

Everything feels like it's changing fast and all situations might not be the most fair, but everyone is doing the best with what they have. Take a breath, know it will be okay, and try your best to talk through your situation with your vendors.

Tools to Make this Easier

http://www.textyourguests.com/ - Avoid group text strings with this handy and free tool! Text Your Guests isn't sponsoring us today, nor is this an affiliate link, so when we tell you this tool is here to help, we mean it.

Facebook Groups - Search Facebook or Google for "Wedding Pandemic Advice" and you will find A LOT of good information from seasoned professionals and other couples who are coping with this issue just like you are. There's one specifically for Wisconsin couples that can be found here.

"Name Your Own Price" promotions - Many businesses are letting you decide what your deposit will be, rather than requesting a set amount for 2020 dates. If this is available with one of your vendors, ask about it! It never hurts to inquire.

Lastly, A Big Thank You!

I hope you found some value in this post and it will help you wade through this strange and scary time, but I want to take a moment to thank all of the essential workers out there that are making things possible.

Thank you to the grocery store, bank and credit union, restaurant/carryout, and other essential workers who are risking their health to make sure society's cogs are still running behind-the-scenes! They make sure everyone working from home or cooped up in quarantine can get their basic everyday needs taken care of, and that's important for brides and vendors alike right now.

Some brides and grooms are in healthcare professions and might not being seeing much of their significant others right now, so I especially want to say THANK YOU to you and all of your coworkers out there on the front lines. Thank you for risking your health to help others and to float society through this pandemic. Your efforts and sacrifices mean a lot!

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